Climate risk information and resilience services provision to the MAP project

Our society is a technical partner with the Mobility, Accessibility and Participation (MAP) project. For details on MAP, please check out:



Based on research, we are providing climate risk information and developing climate resilience services to support MAP for the disabled and elderly population across the British Columbia, Ontario and Quebec provinces. 

Platial Mobility: a novel framework aims at advancing existing Geographical Information Systems

In collaboration with experts from Graz Institute of Technology, Austria, we have developed a new framework to advance Geographical Information  Systems (GIS). This advancement includes the voice of individuals and collectives in maps. It is particularly amenable for crises including disasters, climate change impacts and public health threats such as epidemics and pandemics.

Read our article here: https://rdcu.be/cRNg5


We are thankful to our collaborators including their support for open access science, which makes us share this research article freely.