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Peaceful Society, Science, and Innovation Foundation (PSSIF)

To develop, foster and initiate beneficial and peaceful use of science and innovation across societies to address outstanding issues including the ongoing climate change, public health, and environmental crises.


Mission Statement
PSSIF’s mission is to inform, research, develop and implement beneficial use of science and innovation across societies to ameliorate impacts of climate change, environmental degradation, and public health crises. We believe that science and innovation, both in fundamental and applied sectors, require firm directives towards the good of society via promotion and development of open science based on ethical practices which includes peaceful and non-exploitative use of innovation and technology. PSSIF is firmly committed to equity, sustainability and collaborating with like-minded organizations for advocacy and delivering top tier scientific services for fostering meaningful and positive change.


Our team and members conduct advocacy, awareness raising and provide state-of-the-art research on key issues related to the advancement of science, technology and related innovation. We advance these fields for the sake of human good and have a focus on the ongoing climate change crisis, environmental degradation and sustainability challenges across the globe. We advocate for peaceful use of knowledge, open science, innovation and technology for the greater human benefit from innovation. 

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